The ability to inform the population of emergency situations is critical, and the Heads Up Emergency App is a custom scripted software application system that will give your organization the ability to do that quickly, easily and efficiently.

Now available in Apple App Store and Google Play!

The Complete Emergency Alert Notification System

Emergency Notifications

Custom real-time push notifications give you the ability to inform individual or multiple regions in an instant.


Reach the largest audience of people by supporting both Apple and Android platforms, with plans to support more mobile devices in the future.

Social Media

Social media integrated directly into the application. Easily share alerts with others on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Location Awareness

The new version of Heads Up now supports many mapping features. Easily avoid traffic jams or see where you are in relation to an event.

IPAWS Compatible

Heads Up Emergency can now receive and generate alerts through the IPAWS network.

Choose from multiple geographic areas to receive alerts
Add certain events to your personal calendar for reminders
Swipe to remove alerts from your feed
Enhanced Social Media share options
Much, much more!

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