The Ritchie County Office of Emergency/Floodplain Management .

Ritchie County Floodplain Ordinance

The Ritchie County Office of Emergency/Floodplain Management is requesting that all residents/landowners near a creek or stream evaluate your property to see if there are any items lying around that need to be thrown away or hauled to a landfill. Any items that are not permanently placed have the potential to float down the creek during times of heavy rainfall. This can cause creeks and streams to become dammed up or flood other homes, businesses or properties that may be upstream or downstream of your property. So, as a reminder we are asking all residents/landowners to evaluate the area you maintain and take appropriate action to remove any potential problem items you may have lying around on your property. This could include trash, tires, old vehicles, etc. As a county of neighbors we can help each other avoid any hazardous issues with these two simple acts of assessing our properties and removing any unneeded or wanted items. This request is being made based on the County’s Floodplain Ordinance. 1. No materials that are buoyant, flammable, explosive, or in times of flooding could be injurious to human, animal or plant life, shall be stored below Base Flood Elevation except for mineral storage properly and wholly within the ground in compliance with other State environmental agency(ies) requirements. 2. Storage of other material or equipment may be allowed if not subject to substantial damage by floods and firmly anchored to prevent floatation or readily removable from the area within the time available after flood warning. 3. Due to the potential of masking the natural elevation and making it more difficult to enforce this Ordinance, material that resembles “fill” material shall not be considered “storage” material for purposes of this subsection. Those who live within the floodplain who do not keep their properties clear of debris and trash could be in violation of the Ritchie County Floodplain Ordinance, leading to fines and other penalties. They can also be subject to fines and penalties from laws related to the WV Division of Highways, the WV Department of Environmental Protection and the WV Department of Natural Resources. If you are not sure if your property lies within the Special Flood Hazard Area you can go online to the WV Flood Tool at By following all the above listed guidelines this will help to ensure minimal flooding with the county and also allows others to enjoy the beauty of Ritchie County when visiting or passing through our area. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the Floodplain contact the Ritchie County Emergency Management / Floodplain Management.


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